Sci-Fi Nurse Concept Tutorial

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Here I'll be taking you through a lesson on how to create a fully realised character concept design from start to finish. I discuss and go over in detail on how I went about doing this design in a very short period of time.

What topics are covered?

- How to take scan data and analyse it for your use in creating a new original concept.

- I go over in detail and explain how I work in Z-Brush to achieve the concept design in this video.

- How to go about lighting and colouring your design in Keyshot

- Colour correction and detailing in Photoshop.

What do I get?

- 3 hrs of video with narration.

- Z-Brush model file.

- Keyshot scene file.

- Photoshop PSD file.


- Intermediate to beginners knowledge of Z-Brush, if you know the basics of how brushes work in Z-Brush you should be fine.

- 3D Scan data is not required but saves you time if you have it

- Beginners knowledge of Key-shot.

- Beginners knowledge Photoshop.

- Magic Bullet plugin for Photoshop - Not required.

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Sci-Fi Nurse Concept Tutorial

63 ratings
I want this!