Build A Dynamic Robot Arm Tutorial

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Here I'll be taking you through an in depth tutorial on how to create a well designed and artistic robotics arm. The tutorial covers conceptual design to poly modelling, texturing and rendering in Octane.

What topics are covered?

- How to create a fully realised final design piece with textures and shaders..

- I go over in detail and explain how I work in Z-Brush to achieve the concept design that will be made ready for poly modelling.

- Go into heavy detail about sub-d poly modelling.

- How to go about lighting and creating shaders for your design in Octane.

- Colour correction and detailing in Photoshop.

What do I get?

- 9 hrs of video with narration.

- 3Dsmax/Octane scene file.

- Sub-d Poly Model


- Beginners knowledge of poly modelling,
Octane skills are transferable but you might need to do a little reading for it if you are using other applications that aren't covered in the tutorial.
If you are semi confident with Z-Brush you will be able follow along with the Z-Brush portion of the tutorial.

Applications Used?

- Z-brush for concepting.

- XSI for Poly modelling. - Any other poly modelling application will do.

- Mud-box for texturing.  - Any other texturing application will do.

- 3Dsmax - Octane has a standalone app or is supported by numerous other applications.

- Rizmo - Any automatic unwrap UV tools will do. 

- Photoshop for colour correction.

* Note *

Everything apart from Z-brush and Photoshop are interchangeable, meaning you could use any other applications that can do poly modelling with automatic UV unwraps,

Any other application that can do texturing will work fine like Substance Painter or Zbrush to texture with.

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Build A Dynamic Robot Arm Tutorial

68 ratings
I want this!